Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Thursday of the Month

I am a member of a photography club and we meet the first Thursday of every month. We have competitions, discuss different techniques and even have some hands on camera practice. Last Thursdays was macro. Here are a few snaps experimenting with water and macro. These is my first time using a macro lens, which I was able to use from another club member, it was a great experience. 

Here I am attempting to capture the water drops on a flower. As you can see it takes a while to focus on the water drops. First few you can see below.
I got a little crisper as I took more snaps and made adjustments to my camera. 
 I think this snap of the water drops turned out pretty good. 
After leaving photo club I wanted to go on a snapping frenzy. However it is 9:00 pm at night. So I take a few shots in the parking lot (adjust in Photoshop) and call it a night.