Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Silent Sunday Detour

I am a huge fan of capturing all my moments. 
It helps me remember. I may run a trail a dozen times or more but I still take snaps of it even though the trail and view doesn't seem to change. But somehow when I am on the trail my eye perspective adjusts and I start seeing things differently. 
With all these snaps I have from all my adventures I should start sharing again, so here is my recent outdoor trail adventure.

I had another trail planned to run on for this day but the park had another thing planned for me. 
South Mountain park has a once a month event titled Silent Sunday. The park closes all the roads past the main parking lot to allow more bikers, walkers and runners access to the roads without the traffic. It is actually a treat because you can train on a very hilly paved path/road without cars. Since my trail head was blocked, I, for one moment, thought about driving home. Instead I fought back that inner voice and started off at another trail to get to my main planned trail. 

 I started at Box Canyon which quickly led me to Las Lomitas Trail.

 After about a mile I arrived on my planned trail Kiwanis. 

 I headed up Kiwanis. 

This is a fun trail. There is some climbing which has added steps, some declining and some flat spots and then one last climb with stairs to the top of the trail. 

 I arrived at the road and quickly crossed over to arrive on National Trail for a nice climb to my turn around spot.

 The Nation splits off and can either go East or South/West. I chose South/West. Then climbed for a nice slow ascend to my turn around spot. 

 I created a little cairn at the Nation split with Pyramid.

A little midway victory jump!

 Then I headed on down back through all three trails I just climbed up.

The view is quite amazing heading down. Phoenix peaks through a few times on your way out of the mountain. 

Since the roads are closed why not take a leap snap.