Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sneaking in a non-photo post

This blog is about me taking pictures but what about someone taking pictures of me...can that count? I say yes. So I ran the Arizona P.F. Chang 1/2 marathon on January 16th. I loved it! It was my second half and I beat my other turtle time (2:26) .

So here are some pictures I borrowed from their site till mine I ordered arrive in the mail. :) Here is the link I borrowed these from.  Arizona P.F. Chang Rock n Roll Marathon Results

First few miles I followed a guy in a blue hat and a nice lady. Thanks for pacing me. Norm and I had been seperated at the starting line due to him needing a pit stop.
 At mile 10 he found me.                                          This is me in full blown rabbit mode to get my time of
                                                                                             2:15 I was shooting for.
            I did it! 2:15:45